Regarding the 2013 Full Tilt Tattoo Expo, I have some very unfortunate news to announce. Due to circumstances out of our control, we have had to cancel the event.

This is very upsetting, for me...for all of us. However, we had an extremely low response from artists. The momentum was there, in the beginning of this deal, but we had to wait, so long, for city approval and paperwork to process, many of the original artists committed to other conventions. As such, we felt it was best to cancel the event. Tough decision. However, TLR is my baby, and it will still take place, at Klusoz, on October 19th. Again, with regard to the cancellation of the expo, I realize it is upsetting for all of you, as well. Your excitement about Lubbock's 1st Annual Tattoo Convention was refreshing, and I was certainly pleased with local enthusiasm, as well as the outpouring  of support, sponsorship, vendors and volunteers. I also realize many of you have purchased tickets, and will certainly want a refund. Not to worry. Your money will be refunded via Select-a-Seat and/or Inkfluence Tattoos. If you purchased your ticket, through Select-A-Seat, simply call them, and they will refund your ticket. If you purchased your ticket, at Inkfluence, please take your ticket into Inkfluence Tattoos, to receive your refund.

Again, THREADS LOCKS & ROCK is still set, for October 19th, at Klusoz, and you will be able to purchase your tickets for this event, online here. Unfortunately, because TLR is not a Select-A-Seat event, you cannot utilize your Full Tilt tickets to gain access to the TLRenaissance FREAKSHOW, at Klusoz. Still, you can rest assured, this is an annual event, so no cancellations will occur, with regard to this event!

I truly want to thank you for your support and the enthusiasm shared by so many, with regard to the tattoo expo. We (the Full Tilt Lbk Team) simply had no choice, but to pull the plug, because we refuse to do anything half to speak...and due to said circumstances, that is exactly what it would have been. We do want you to continue supporting the amazing sponsors and vendors, who stood by us, as we fought the good fight to make this possible: ZombiePeepshow, The Car Chasers, Pretty In Punk, Freebirds World Burrito, 94.5 FMX, LUCKY 13 APPAREL, and so many more!! Thank you, for having our backs! At least, now, tattoo conventions are a possibility, in this city. That IS something. The Full Tilt Lbk Team and I certainly hope to see you, in attendance, at the TLRenaissance FREAKSHOW, on October 19th, at Klusoz. It is still the edgiest event, currently happening, in our fine city, if I do say so, myself...and it will not disappoint, by way of alternative entertainment! So, don't be too bummed, because we will TLRock you!