Gene Simmons was on CNN Tonight With Don Lemon to talk about his friend Donald Trump’s recent controversial comments regarding Mexican immigrants. While the Kiss bassist-vocalist criticized Trump's choice of words on immigration, he did speak highly of Trump as a person. Simmons also emphasized every American citizen’s right to vote. Watch the segment above.

“Donald Trump is a loving family man. His children have turned out terrific. He’s anti-drug, anti-booze,” Simmons told CNN. “The guy’s a straight shooter. Does that mean that you agree with his politics or I do? That’s beside the point. If you’re talking about the man, he’s an upstanding guy. His views on Mexico or the wall or stuff like that. Look, do yourself a favor, go to the ballot box and vote your conscience. I’m glad the far-left and the far-right get to have a voice in there.”

Simmons, when pressed by Lemon, commented on Trump’s contentious immigration stance. “You know he’s smarter than that, he’s better than that and we all have our private feelings about stuff but I believe, look, I’m an immigrant,” Simmons explained. “I came to this country because my mother and I wanted a better life. We did come in legally and I do understand that there’s an issue with a lot of Americans, they’re afraid ‘what’s happening to America,’ borders are on-guard. I get it. Fear creates all kinds of havoc. Sometimes it creates hate. And when you’re talking about 10-20 million illegal immigrants, I don’t care where they come from, Sweden or anywhere else, we start to talk about the border.”

The Kiss bassist ended the interview saying he’d love to see Hilary Clinton and Trump in a political debate. The 2016 Republican party presidential primaries are set to begin in February 2016. Before that, Simmons and his Kiss bandmates will head to Australia and New Zealand for a tour in October.

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