Every band has incidents, accidents, and mishaps that become part of their mythos. Sometimes they're goofy Spinal Tap-level events, and other times they might land the band members in jail.

In our new video series, "Do-Over," we talk to bands about some of the craziest stories from their past. In the first episode, we talk to Godsmack about the time that Sully Erna had an altercation with a member of a venue's security team... right in the middle of a Godsmack performance.

Every Friday, we'll post a new episode; over the next few weeks, you'll see the members of Shinedown, Three Days Grace, Thunderpussy and more talk about incidents that they wish they could do over.

Hopefully, Godsmack's summer tour with Shinedown won't have any of these types of incidents (but if they do, the band has an open invitation to come back and share more hilarious tales with us). See all the tour dates here.

And speaking of Shinedown, they're the stars of our second episode of "Do-Over," coming next Friday.

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