Green Days third is better than their second but not as good as their first. Got it? The latest from Green Day is "Tre'" named after drummer Tre' Cool. It's better than Dos, but not as good as Uno. More after the jump.


Let's be honest here.  Only really, really, really hardcore Green Day fans are going to buy all three new c.d.s. The fact is, all you really need is Uno.  Dos is very much 'experimental' Green Day. It's not bad, it just sounds like it's not very well thought out.  On the other hand, "Tre'" could even serve as a bookend for Green Day's entire career. "Tre'" is for the most part back to the basics, pre-radio Green Day punk.  Some of it falls into sappy love song territory, but most is just straight ahead punk.

So here's the question.  If you made a "mixtape" version of Green Day's three albums, what would be included?  Well it would be most of Uno, one song, maybe two from Dos and probably about three or four from "Tre'".  I think that sums up the quality of each disc nicely.

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