As a former student of Texas public schools, I butted with the dress code MANY times. Skirts too short, facial piercings, green hair- you name it, I tried to get away with it.

As a grown adult, I still think most of the dress code is a bunch of baloney, with a couple exceptions- obviously you should wear clothes and I also totally agree with no open toed shoes- otherwise you'll get hurt in busy hallways.  But the argument that it's unprofessional to present yourself as creative just doesn't hold water anymore.

What really bugs me is dress codes based on outdated notions of what is masculine and feminine. I won't get into what is "gender" here, but let's suffice it to say- is long hair on a male really distracting? Plenty of men- including the VERY masculine (think: Jason Momoa) wear their hair long- what does it matter to anyone else?

Recently a boy, in the cosmetology department, at Alvin ISD was suspended for wearing makeup. First, makeup is hardly permanent so why couldn't he just wash his face? Second, it is the year 2018. Many men on Instagram are makeup influncers and make a ton of money doing it. He also clearly is seeking a future in the beauty business, why keep him from practicing?

If a school decides to have a dress code, fine. But it should be the same for everyone, regardless of gender.

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