I think it's kind of important to start with the fact that I had a bad experience with Visit Lubbock, but that lead me to look into what they do a little bit more.

Visit Lubbock had accidentally listed an event of mine for free. When I called to get it changed they were horrified, apologetic and quick to fix the situation. It makes you think though, what are these people doing for our community?

Well, I can tell you this, if I was visiting Lubbock, I think the Visit Lubbock website would be the perfect place to see what's happening in the Hub City. I don't know who long they've had their current web set up but it's insightful, inclusive and in depth.

They have all of the large events, but someone has to be the one to curate all of these smaller and more niche events and Visit Lubbock does a pretty good job as far as I can tell. A quick glance shows everything from the Peddler Show to Papa Roach to smaller programs at Tech

All of this is just the Event Listings though, it looks like Visit Lubbock does a pretty good job of connecting folks with things like venues for events, accommodations and other things they may need when visiting the Hub. Keep their site bookmarked for when you have friends or meetings in town.


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