The Good Lord loves Texas, and He loves barbecue, and now, you can get sauced on His day.

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You can't go to a liquor store on Sunday, but gosh darn it, you can get some mouth watering Barbecue! Because Evie Mae's, is opening up on Sundays.

This is NO April Fool's joke.

From their Facebook post...

Back in 2019 we were open on Sundays for a while, then when Spring 2020 hit and dining rooms were shut down, we just never reopened on Sunday’s.
We want to give it a shot again this weekend, 4/2/23. Obviously, next weekend being Easter Sunday, we won’t be open. But we want to give it a try on Sundays going forward after that, too! 11:00-2:00.
So, we hope you’ll join us this Sunday out in Wolfforth!

Now, you can dash out of church, and drip some sauce on your Sunday best.

Admittedly, it's not like you can't get barbecue on Sunday here in West Texas. I mean, lots of locations are open, but for Evie Mae's, one of the most renowned and beloved BBQ joints ON THE PLANET to restart Sunday hours, this is a big deal.

At first, they will be open on Sunday, April 2nd, but close once more on the 9th for Easter Sunday. Then, after that...every Sunday moving forward from, 11-2, there is sure to be a line all the way out to Ropesville, so be sure to get there early in the day. Maybe go to an earlier church service, or one that starts in the afternoon. Just saying.

Personally, I'm looking forward to heading on there on Sundays this fall, to load up for football season.

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