WOWZERS get your tummy ready for this one Lubbock.

A new Brazilian steakhouse is coming near 82nd Street and Slide Road this fall and will be open for lunch and dinner.

Brazilian steakhouses are renowned for their delectable meats cooked over open flames using traditional Churrasco techniques. But these steakhouses aren’t just known for how the meat is cooked, they’re also known for how it’s served. Known as “rodizio,” this dining style is where diners pay a fixed price for as much meat as they want, served one shaved slice at a time.

They offer all-you-can-eat. They elevate the steakhouse experience by slow-roasting the finest beef, lamb, pork, and chicken cuts over natural charcoal, not gas.

Customers can expect a rich selection; starting from our market table, where they can choose plenty of items including fresh salads, vegetables, imported cheeses, cured meat, smoked salmon, fruits and more.

At the hot dishes station they can expect to have options of rice, beans, mashed potatoes, and soup. Side dishes like the famous Brazilian cheese bread (gluten free) and caramelized bananas will be served continuously throughout the meal.

As soon as you are ready for meat, all they have to do is flip the card on their table from red to green. This will signal “gauchos” or chef servers to start bringing various cuts of meat to the guest. Customers will have choices of prime cuts of beef, lamb, chicken, pork and the delicious grilled pineapple. Guests may enjoy eating as much as they like; flipping the card back to red when they would like to take a break from our endless stream of meat.

They will have a grand selection of desserts and popular Brazilian drinks, like their “caipirinha” and Brazilian lemonade. Customers will also be able to choose the salad bar only, which is a great option for vegetarians or vegans.


The business hub, The Place, is located at 5107 82nd St. and will be opening up soon with a big thing people are ready for the Brazilian steakhouses.

What types of meat will they offer?

Picanha (Rump Cap)

Arguably the most revered cut of Brazilian cuisine, picanha holds a special place in the hearts and stomachs of meat lovers worldwide. This tender, juicy top sirloin cap boasts a rich, robust flavor enhanced by the Churrasco grilling methods. When visiting us, don’t miss this dish—it’s an absolute must-try.

Alcatra (Top Sirloin)

While picanha might be the most popular choice among diners, alcatra is equally deserving of recognition and enjoyment. Tender and bursting with flavor, this versatile cut is typically seasoned with salt and grilled with a layer of fat that melts away and leaves the remainder crispy and delicious.

Fraldinha (Bottom Sirloin)

Fraldinha is the bottom sirloin to alcatra top sirloin. This Brazilian steak is known for its abundant marbling and irresistible flavor profile that offers an unmatched taste sensation when grilled Churrasco-style.

Filet Mignon 

A favorite among steak lovers everywhere, filet mignon is lean, incredibly tender, and considered a true delicacy. Virtually free of fat marbling, this cut is buttery with a delicate flavor, making it a favorite among steak connoisseurs.

Linguica (Sausage)

Linguica is often confused with chorizo, except it has a milder flavor. This type of Portuguese sausage is bursting with smoky and savory flavors and is a great compliment to any meal.

Cordeiro (Lamb)

For those seeking a change of pace from the Brazilian steak options, Cordeiro is a succulent piece of lamb in the form of bone-in steaks and chops cut from a rack. The flavor profile is rich and full of robust flavors.

Frango (Chicken)

Frango is Portuguese for chicken. Many steakhouses serve this marinated, with Gaucho’s Prime being no exception. Our Frango is slow-cooked and marinated overnight in beer and cognac to compliment your Brazilian dining experience, all served on a skewer, of course.

Ponto Gaucho Brazilian Steakhouse will be located at 5107 82nd St. Suite 109 and plans to open this fall.

You can find out more about them on their website.

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