KISSGene Simmons thinks playing a bass guitar with a pick is better than playing one with fingers.

The topic of finger-picking is a divisive one amongst all types of guitar and bass players, with many either being for or against it. For some, it's helped them develop a unique playing style, and for others, it's just a nuisance. There are also some who've dabbled with both techniques, such as the late Jeff Beck, although he mostly stopped using picks in the '80s.

Simmons argued that when it comes to playing a bass guitar, though, playing with a pick helps a live crowd hear the notes better.

“Respectfully, studio musicians who play with their fingers live have no idea that we can’t hear what they’re playing, because there’s no actual definition on the note that’s coming out," he told MusicRadar in 2018.

"You can do that and love it and have no fuckin’ idea what he’s playing, but you love that low end, or you can be like [late Yes bassist] Chris Squire and have a very bright sound, where you can hear the attack and therefore hear the note that’s actually being played."

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With that, he added that the "best tool" bassists have when performing live is a sound mixer who understands their style and the sound they're going for. And, hopefully, then the musician doesn't have to worry about whether the audience can hear the notes being played or not.

In contrast, Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea and Korn's Fieldy are two examples of bass players who use their fingers when playing — and both produce very bass-heavy music.

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