At their headlining, festival-closing set at this year's Sonic Temple, Slipknot played without founding percussionist Clown.

Before the fourth of what turned out to be a 14 song set last night (May 19), Corey Taylor addressed the festival crowd and the obvious absence onstage which brought the nine-piece group down to eight.

"Obviously we are missing one of our brothers," Taylor said, revealing the reason for his bandmate's absence. "Clown, yesterday, broke a tooth and had to have it removed. There's an issue. He had to stay home for medical reasons. But he insisted that we come here and fucking play this fucking show for each and every goddamn one of you," the frontman continued.

Commanding the crowd, Taylor went on, "He is missed, he is essential and, god damn it, on the count of three, I want you to fucking tell him all that he is so fucking loved. I want to hear you scream — one, two, three!"

Of course, the fans roared back in response, sending their love to Clown.

Corey Taylor Addresses Clown's Absence, Slipknot Play "Before I Forget"

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Prior to launching into a three-song encore that began with "Duality," Taylor again acknowledged Clown's absence and dedicated the track to him after working the crowd some more.

Watch fan-shot video of that moment below and see Slipknot's full Sonic Temple setlist further down the page.

Corey Taylor Dedicates "Duality" to Clown

Clown Has Missed Shows Before

Although it is quite rare, this is not the firs time Slipknot have performed without Clown.

In 2021, Clown was forced to miss Slipknot's Welcome to Rockville set after undergoing surgery to repair a torn bicep he suffered onstage a week earlier. Two years later, the band's founder issued a statement revealing he'd miss some tour dates while helping his wife with some health issues.

Back in 2016, Clown had to bow out of an Australian tour as he and his family mourned the loss of his father-in-law.

Slipknot Setlist — Sonic Temple 2024 (May 19, 2024)


01. "People = Shit"
02. "Eyeless"
03. "Disasterpiece"
04. "Before I Forget"
05. "Custer"
06. "Psychosocial"
07. "The Devil in I"
08. "The Heretic Anthem"
09. "Unsainted"
10. "Wait and Bleed"
11. "Vermilion"

12. "Duality"
13. "Spit It Out"
14. "Surfacing"

Slipknot on Tour in 2024

Slipknot are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their self-titled debut this year. They've adopted old school jumpsuits and masks to throw it back to their early era and will embark on two North American tour legs later this year.

To see all of the band's upcoming dates worldwide, head to the Slipknot website.

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