Killswitch Engage frontman Jesse Leach went under the knife in April to remove nodules from his vocal cords forcing the band to cancel festival appearances and reschedule others shows. The surgery went well, as we previously reported, and the band is back on the road.

Leach recently opened up about the positive results of having vocal surgery in an interview at the Sweden Rock Festival. He claims that his voice "feels great" and he is "singing" and "screaming" better than ever. Watch the interview in the player above.

Killswitch Engage was working on the follow-up to their 2016 album Incarnate, when Leach discovered he needed surgery. Even though the band had to put recording on hold, the new effort is coming together. He says, "We've got 21 songs. I got into about seven before I had to stop and get checked out and that's when I figured out I had to go have [vocal chord] surgery to cut off nodules." Leach adds, "That was a total blessing in disguise, because sitting with a [vocal] teacher, going through rehab and re-learning how to use my voice again, I know how to do it properly. Finally, after all these years of abuse, I know where the voice is supposed to be placed, and I feel like I'm singing better, I'm screaming better, and that's affected my mental health. So, yeah, it's been a hell of a trip, man, but everything happens for a reason."

Since having surgery Leach has to do a strenuous vocal exercises and warm-ups before each show. "I look like I'm having a stroke so I have to hide when I do it," jokes Leach. "Just to loosen up all the muscles in my face and my throat and I make a lot of strange noises, but it's working."

During the interview, Leach also shared that his favorite song to play onstage at the moment is the band's cover of Dio's "Holy Diver." He says, "The crowd always goes nuts and it just feels good to give hails to a metal god, you know a legend and the crowd loves it. It's just fun, it gets people going."

Killswitch Engage will take the stage in Rome, Italy on June 28. See all their tour dates here.

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