The idea of Americans taking up arms against other Americans is some real ridiculous keyboard warrior baloney.

You see when conversations start ramping up, people have to go to the most terrible thing they can imagine to try to win. In the case of political fights, that's WAR! There are some problems with this in actual reality and let's get to it after a brief break.

I am broaching this target due to the wannabe's out there who want to act and talk tough. A recent article actually carried some quotes like this from a small town chiropractor (He's crackin' backs and launching attacks! He's the war adjuster!). You may notice I did not link to the original article because it has a partisan/political slant and I don't want to get into that.

Let's start with the fact that people who want to threaten "WAR!" are generally older to really old white males. I don't know what their problem is, but apparently, there's something in their fiber that makes them cranky.

The fact is, no one of these people really want to fight a war, they want a war to be fought that they can get some kind of benefit from. They want your kids to fight someone else's kids so they can make a point. I say this because all of these warmongering types look like they can barely take the trash out without huffing and puffing for breath.

So, they want kids to fight kids so old men can work out their emotional baggage. The kids though, realize it's all a big scam and most don't really care. In fact, that's what all this boils down to is, a very, very small group of angry individuals getting WAY more press than they deserve.

The threat of war is loser-speak for "I can't win a civil conversation". Ignore these jokers and let the F.B.I. deal with them. Don't let them make you tense. We all just want a good dinner and to put our feet up after work (and maybe an occasional Texas Tech or Cowboys win).


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