Being someone who drives around to some of the more commercial and industrial parts of town, I have found some Lime Scooters in some odd area and I have to wonder why.

I found a number of them on 34th Street between Ave. A and I-27. The majority of this area is very industrial. There's very little housing in the area.

Now don't get me wrong, people from all areas and all walks of life need transportation, but in an area that is more than 90 percent industrial, I really wonder why they would put scooters out there where they are probably not in high demand. Especially when there are other parts of town that you can never find them.

While I was at the Stripes at 34th and I-27, I saw a couple in a beat up old car loading up six of them in that area, looking suspicious, then tearing up the street to leave. The scooters never came back. (Lime states that you can only charge three at a time.) Makes you wonder.

I have also seen the scooters near the old strip, near the DPS office on North MLK and near Woodrow.

I reached out to Lime to ask why they are putting scooters in such odd areas and have not heard back from them

Have you seen any of these scooters in odd areas? Let us know.

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