Why should local bands get preferential treatment?  Shouldn't they have to sound as good, or perform as good on air as the "professional" bands.  Sorry, but the answer is yes.  Read more after the break.

We run a business.  We are judged successful or not based on the amount of people who listen. If nobody listens, we don't make money and we go broke.  We are fortunately at a place right now (and have been for 30 years) where we are very popular among our target listeners.  We are popular because we play what people want to hear.  They don't want to hear half-written and or poorly produced music just because the people live in our community.  They people want to hear great songs of the genre they like and that's it.

With that said, another local band has EARNED a spot on our playlist.  They're not getting a spot on our playlist because they're our friends, or because they've done us a favor, or because we owe them money.  They are getting a spot on our playlist because the song is good enough. The latest locals to be added to be added to our playlist are "Another Day Undecided" with the song "Waitress".

Another Day Undecided joins Colossus of Rhodes, Blood Red Summer and Members of the Bored as bands that broke through to our regular playlist.  Our local lix and metal show playlists have had tons of local acts that we are equally proud of, but it takes a special song from a special band to be sandwiched in between Shinedown and AC/DC.

Congrats to Chino and the boys who are about to enjoy some "rare air".