Kristen Mitchell is not only incredibly talented at portraiture, but her choice of subjects is also *chef's kiss*. You'll find your favorite rockers amongst her prolific portfolio.

I asked Kristen a little about her process and her choice of subjects:

I strive to meld the physical and spiritual characteristics of each person I draw into the most telling portrait possible. To me, conveying the essence of the person is paramount. Every portrait I draw provides me with the opportunity to create a work of art that exhibits both beauty and timelessness. Finding the beauty in everyone through blended pigments of colored pencils.

I specifically find joy in drawing people that are talented in my opinion. I feel that I use my talent to express and show the talent of the person I have drawn. I choose to draw musicians most of the time because of my love for music. It also helps that they are such interesting people and exciting to draw!

Without further ado, here is a sampling of just some of Kristen's works. If you're interested in purchasing, or even commissioning a piece, hit her up on her Facebook artist page.