Despite everything happening in Lubbock currently, we are still really lacking in art and other culture compared to most cities. The Cliffhouse Project is a cool new addition to check out.

Formerly a restaurant and inn overlooking Mackenzie Park, the now-abandoned and dilapidated structure has become an unofficial art installation on Lubbock's east side. Unofficial until recently, at least. It even has its own Google Maps listing as a Graffiti Park now.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Led by Guadalupe Economic Services Corporation, The Cliffhouse Project is an ongoing effort to revitalize an abandoned property at 500 East Broadway in Lubbock, TX. This site will be the home of a new nonprofit arts and organic community garden center. Expanding upon GESC's mission of rural agricultural growth, long term goals include organic gardening and nutrition education, art education, summer camps, community partnerships and outreach, artist residencies, and even rental venues.

I've driven by the Cliffhouse many times and always wanted to look into it to see what it used to be. Every time I've left Joyland, as you turn right onto Broadway, you see the abandoned shell on the south side of the road. That is the Cliffhouse Project.

Check out these links to see what the local community has been doing to this Lubbock landmark, and why you should go see it. It's more than just another derelict building in Lubbock. Now, it's art.


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