The last three mayoral terms were kinda, well, whatever.

The last three mayoral terms were unremarkable. The one big project, Citizens Tower, was kind of started by the crew before this one. Unless the current mayor helped move some chairs, he doesn't really get to claim that one. What else was done? A footrace on the Loop? Waffling during the pandemic?  Yeah, there just wasn't much going on there.

I'm going to go Jack Nicholson as the Joker and say it straight up, "This town needs an enema".  I'll give this town a makeover and I already have clown minions to assist me. You wouldn't recognize this place when I'm done.

First up, we're putting together an effort called "MakeThe Loop Lovely".  As the thing most Lubbock people see day-to-day, I'll make sure that all Lubbock land adjacent to the Loop is decked out. I'll also offer tax incentives for Loop adjacent businesses to dress up their spaces with public art and larger landscaped places.

I'm also going to offer huge incentives to anyone building, renovating, or relocating inside the Loop. This city's heartbeat runs inside the Loop and we're going to make sure it's as healthy as heck.

Our parks will be getting interior upgrades too. We'll split this town into quarters and we're doing splash pads in every quadrant. We're going to give the little kids something fun to do outside at all times.

I'm going to meet with whoever is holding up the Legacy Play Villiage project and give them an option, get it done or we're building a bigger better one as a city. Nearly a whole generation of kids haven't been able to visit the Villiage and that's a damn shame.

Sorry, but I'm stepping up code enforcement with an emphasis on FRONT yards. Yeah, you probably should keep your alley and backyard in good shape, but some of y'all are slacking on keeping things looking good in the neighborhood.

We're also going to start acting like a city. Why the hell are people running around the Loop when we can be using that time to motive people on bigger community projects. We could have neighborhood cleanups, picnics in our parks, recycling days, parades for no damn reason at all, and charity efforts.

I'm putting all this together under my banner of "Let's Love Lubbock". We can make this town absolutely amazing with just a little effort. Only one problem, I'm not running for mayor.




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