I'm trying to think of the perfect word to describe the oppressive dread I feel when viewing these photos recently posted to a Lubbock-based selling group of what I'm dubbing Nightmare Trailer.

Aghast? Appalled? There just isn't a strong enough word. The entire thing is a huge mess that looks like a crime scene.

Let's start with the worst: the poo bucket. I suppose it might be handy to use the facilities while you watch your ham hot pocket turn in the microwave. And if you need more entertainment, you can always gaze lovingly at your Duck Dynasty poster.

There's a photo of a pile of trash. I guess it was intended to show a closet area? The curtains appear to be stained by tobacco and the sink is full of random objects. Clearly, this was lived in with no running water. There's is just so much to hate here. I feel itchy all over. Every single surface looks like it'll give you a splinter.

I'm certainly not trying to shame anyone for poverty; it can happen to anyone. But when someone is attempting to unload a filthy, horrid abomination for $500, I can't help but take offense. This...thing should be junked immediately. It's unclean and most likely unsafe. It's dark and dank and looks like it smells like mushrooms and old milk.

Apparently, this seller has attempted to sell this public health hazard on multiple sites, judging by comments on a since-deleted post:

Again maam! You got bashed on the last site. Deleteing your post and posting somewhere else isnt gonna help your just gonna get bashed on this site. You need to post pics of it cleaned and sanitized like you said you cleaned and sanitized it!

I shudder to think those photos were of the trailer "cleaned and sanitized." I also feel sad for every horror movie maker that spent more than $500 on a set when they could have just bought this trailer of horrors.

Here are several of the pictures, if you dare to look at them:

Lubbock's Nightmare Trailer

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