Last week I asked the question, who has the best french fries in Lubbock. This week, I take on an even more controversial topic: the best breakfast burrito. Hey, it's a quick, delicious meal that I can actually eat in the car (most of the time) without making a huge mess everywhere.

Now, my top two choices are interesting as one is awesome, and the other will have you raising your eyebrows a lot.

My first pick will always be my favorite, Joel’s Mexican Restaurant. Joel’s has been a staple in the Arnett-Benson for many years, and Joel and his wife Nati make a mean, mean burrito. My favorite is the Spam, (yes you read it right, Spam!), egg, cheese, and bean. Just one of these with some of their fresh chile will leave you satisfied, and then some.

My second pick could get me run out of town, but hey I like it. Sonic’s Ultimate Meat and Cheese burrito. Tons of sausage, bacon, eggs, tots, and I must add onion just to scare my co-workers. (Sorry, Renee!)

So, what do you think of my choices in burritos? What are some of your favorites? Let me know!


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