Something that I regretted deeply was never trying Twisted Root Burger (116 W Loop 289) in Lubbock. It just wasn't on my side of town, and everyone in my life very neglectfully failed to mention it had a pickle bar. A pickle bar! I'm a total freak for pickles, so everyone owes me an explanation.

Luckily for me, Twisted Root Burger is set to reopen soon in Lubbock, according to signage posted on the building and their official website. I won't make the same mistake twice; I'll be there very shortly after the doors reopen.

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But how soon is "soon"? We aren't quite sure. Honestly, even set dates have a tendency to be wiggly with restaurants as there's a million moving piece and any one of those can cause a delay. However, the fact that they're already hiring is a great indicator that "soon" is indeed, very soon.

If you would like to apply to work at Twisted Root Burger, you can do so from their career page. I did a quick search for available positions and those listed are: bartender, cashier, busser, expo, garnish, cook and back of house line cook. So nearly everything, save for management. That's another clue that the opening is coming up quick. If the management is already in place, I'd bet the barn they reopen their doors within six weeks.

It's quite a relief that I will soon be able to go ham on the pickle bar, and I'm also elated to see another business rise from the ashes after the dumpster fire that was 2020.

Welcome back, Twisted Root Burger -- I can't wait to make you regret giving out free pickles.

A big thank you to Holly Dartt for allowing us to use her photo. 

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