Some people out there have real high opinions of themselves.

By now you've seen a meme or a statement saying, "Masks aren't about safety, they're about compliance", then they prattle on about how it's all a plan to control you.  It's really becoming quite boring at this point because we all now have a pretty good idea about how masks work.

Without fail you can check the feed of someone who posts this type of sentiment and see that the assh*leness is pervasive in everything they post. They have some weird fantasy that the world is out to get them and/or they have more value than they actually have.

I'm not writing to just rail on the idiots though (they've already split to go write something angry on Facebook), I'm here to give you hope that it seems like more of the people who just didn't understand the importance of us working together are getting it.

It's all about courtesy and the now well known "I mask up for you/you mask up for me" dynamic that keeps the spread down. Let's also be honest, it's been kind of fun seeing people come up with new designs and styles.

Facemasks are key to us operating as a community until we get a vaccine or better treatments. I want you to know that I appreciate you very much pitching in as we protect the more vulnerable among us.

As for the "it's about compliance people", grow up and help out.


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FMX Listeners & Their Pets


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