By now, Metallica fans across the world have heard the band's latest song, 'Lords of Summer.' Whether it was through the initial cell phone video, fan-made live video or Metallica's 'Garage Demo Version' of the song, there have been several ways to consume it. Adding to the list, Metallica released their own video of their performance via their official YouTube channel. Debuting on March 16 in Bogota, Colombia, 'Lords of Summer' proves to be a raucous song and a great follow-up to the band's most recent studio album, 'Death Magnetic.'

Watching the band perform the song in high-definition video shines a light on just how powerful 'Lords of Summer' really is. Watching the band tear through the lengthy tune, it's easy to see that they couldn't be happier to be playing new music for their fans. From Rob Trujillo bouncing around stage to James Hetfield's signature growl face, the guys put all of their energy into making sure the world knows their new music is worth the wait.

Don't believe us? Watch the video above and see for yourself!

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