It makes my heart absolutely sick to thing of vulnerable populations going without the basic utilities they need to survive.

When I think of the elderly without air conditioning, children without running water, or the disabled without heat in the winter it makes me tear up. I firmly believe that all humans, regardless of their income or abilities, are entitled to these basic necessities. Because without them, they could get ill or even die.

Lubbock's Neighborhood House feels the same way, and has stepped up to help. Whether citizens of Lubbock county need help with their utility bills, need HVAC repair or are experiencing homelessness, Neighborhood House is here to help.

Neighborhood House "is an emergency assistance program that provides families with children, people with disabilities and the elderly with food vouchers, hygiene products, prescriptions, utility assistance and other necessities."

More than 7,000 families in Lubbock County receive help from Neighborhood House each year.

If you're in need of assistance, please contact Neighborhood House at 806-589-1907. If you would like to donate or find out more information, visit Neighborhood House's Upbring page.

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