We don't need flags or statues to show who we really are.

West Texas is the place where we say "yes ma'am or no ma'am". We hold doors open for each other. We wave the other guy on to go first at the four-way stops. We stand up for the little guy. We ask our guests if they want a second helping and offer our lawn guy a glass of sweet tea.

We are the "white hats" that we used to see on t.v. westerns. We are the cowboys that tend to keep to yourself until we see someone else being put upon. We are John Wayne saying, "excuse me son, but you don't talk to a lady like that".

I bring this up for a number of reasons, most of them trending across America and our area right now. We don't need flags, statues, or any other reminder that the real south is about "Southern Hospitality". Everything other than our good-natured manners is just noise.

Taking a left turn into mask-wearing, I'd like to think that I'd still wear a mask out of consideration for you even if I thought the whole thing was b.s. I certainly say Merry Christmas to you even though I'm not a big fan of that. It's all about respecting others.

I am asking you West Texans, and especially you listeners, to show the world what Southern Hospitality and manners are all about. Step up, be an example. Be the guy or girl in the white hat.

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