Patrick Mahomes will not return to Sunday’s Chiefs-Browns playoff game after he left with a concussion.

Mahomes was tackled while attempting to pick up a first down. After being evaluated in the blue tent on the sideline, he sprinted to the locker room for further evaluation. On the field, though, Mahomes looked visibly shook after the hit and could hardly even stand up without help.

After going to the locker room, the Kansas City Chiefs confirmed the former MVP was out with a concussion.

Kansas City was beating Cleveland 19-10 when Mahomes went down. He was 21-30 for 255 yards and a touchdown when he left the game.

Back-up Chad Henne replaced Mahomes as the Chiefs’ quarterback, throwing an interception on his second drive.

Baker Mayfield will try to complete the comeback for the Browns against the Chiefs.

UPDATE: The Chiefs held on without Patrick Mahomes.

Chad Henne struggled early, and the Browns offense started to look dominant late, getting to a 22-17 game before Mayfield and the Browns stalled out and had to punt. Chad Henne would lead the Chiefs to a few first downs before taking a sack, making it 3rd and 14 at the two-minute warning.

The Chiefs needed a first down to ice the game. Chad Henne would take the snap and scramble left for 13 and a half yards to midfield. Head Coach Andy Reid could either punt or get a single yard and end the game. He sent the offense back out as Tony Romo and Jim Nantz sat in the booth saying that there was no way that the Chiefs would run a play, arguing that they would try to force an offsides penalty, then call the timeout. But then the Chiefs snapped the ball.

A short pass to Tyreek Hill would end the game.

The Kansas City Chiefs will host the Buffalo Bills in the AFC championship next weekend. Patrick Mahomes is officially questionable for that matchup.

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