I kind of think this is important. This is the first volume of People Who Need to Leave the Planet.

If you can listen to my thoughts about this crappy incident in the audio player below, I think it has more impact. If you can't, then the text version is a bit further down.

I've saved the worst for first, and it's 'people who leave diapers in parking lots.'

Seriously, no one wants your lap monster's hot load in a public space. You are showing the worst of what it is to be a breeder.

There is no excuse for leaving a packed pamper in a parking lot unless you've MacGyvered it to somehow diffuse a bomb.

Nature delivered us the terrible, unfair boomer doomer virus. What we need is a diaper wiper strain. You may think this is a bit harsh but, go ahead and step out of your car into a mushy diaper, then tell me I'm going too far.

So to you people who leave diapers in parking lots: turn your kid into the fire station, or better yet, let it be raised by wolves. Because if it craps in the woods, then we don't have to deal with it.

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