A man in Lubbock recently, umm, had some time with himself in front of a neighborhood doorbell video camera.

The video posted to Facebook has since been removed for being explicit, unfortunately. I'd love to share it with you.

This really is taking the unsolicited d*** pic to the next level.

The man was not immediately arrested because he somehow wasn't intoxicated when he did this and had no outstanding warrants. Police also had apparently not yet seen the particularly spicy part of the video that involved, let's say, "manhandling."

From the Lubbock Police Department's police report:

Later that day V1 was able to access more videos from her camera. I contacted V1 and met her at her work to watch the videos.
At times 04:25, 04:36, 04:40, 04:41, 04:42, and 04:44 you can see S1 on camera.  Throughout the videos S1 walks up to the house and looks inside and opens the screen door. S1 also progressively loses clothes throughout the video until eventually he walks up to the house almost naked with his pants down exposing his genitals.

UGH, WHAT A CREEP! Hopefully he gets picked up soon.