This blog, is probably not what you think it is. It is NOT about abortion. It is about trying to circumvent existing laws and acting like a baby when you don't get your way.

I am seriously getting tired of the dialogue in this country. The shadiness of politicians knows no bounds either.

This is simple. Texas didn't like a law. They then tried to make other laws to make it harder for people to get what they're allowed to get under the law. It's like you're allowed to have water, but since they didn't want you to have water, they said you had to have a special glass and you could only turn on the tap during certain hours of the day.  It was shady and sneaky.

Immediately after the Supreme Court struck down the Texas law I received a statement from Senator Charles Perry condemning the "activist" judges . Now, I want to point out how completely and totally full of b.s. this is. What the hell is that? He's got a Supreme Court hampered by being understaffed, still loses, then calls them "activists" because he doesn't get his way. The judges didn't "act" on anything other than what was put in front of them. They ruled that the law was full of crap 5-3. You lost, you lose, you get no fizzy-lifting drinks, now get out Charlie.  One more thing,  were they "activists" when they ruled in favor of Texas on immigration last week?

I know this is a sensitive issue, that's why I don't, as a male, even involve myself with it. What I do involve myself in is saying that these underhanded attempts at circumventing Federal law are an embarrassment and a ruse. You aren't fooling anyone Senator. Texas just showed it's ass, and it just got spanked. Now deal with it.

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