@RobHalfordLegacy is our favorite Instagram account, but it’s not just a Halford or Judas Priest tribute — it’s run by the Metal God himself! Halford takes you into the little details of his life along with the legendary singer’s sense of humor. Rob Halford has over 169,000 followers and has posted hundreds of photos, but here are 15 to persuade you to give him a follow too!

Who wants a Metal God for Christmas? It’s one-of-a-kind! Take this time to introduce yourself to Rob Halford’s love of emojis, as well. Seriously, no less than four emojis will appear in any given post.

Did Rob get his nipples re-pierced at the age of 65?! We’ve seen his nipple rings in earlier promo photos, but Rob visited a parlor to get his nips tweaked! When following Rob’s Instagram, always take a look at his #hashtags, because hidden nuggets of humor can always be found. You’ll find #party in this one… and for our next photo…

#Bikes, #Bones and #Boner. Rob has certainly upgraded bikes (and companions?) since this photo was taken. The Metal God claims this was the “first and last time I had a reach around on a bike.” Always wishing Halford the very best, we hope this isn’t true. #Reacharound

A year after his gift wrapped post, Rob topped himself with an ugly Christmas sweater of Santa with a green sword riding a unicorn through space. Rob’s Instagram “maniacs” loved this one. 11,000 likes!

See what we meant about the hashtags? Our favorite #Sugardaddy was about to chow down on a plate full of “party leftover” donuts. Why didn’t Rob’s guests eat all the donuts? Doesn’t matter, the Metal God has a wicked sweet tooth.

Rob didn’t buy that winter coat and hat… he made them himself after brawling with wolves in the forest. Good thing there’s no more skin to cover, or that doggie under Halford would be next!

Honestly, how would you react if you spotted Rob Halford at a chocolate wonderfall? Rob was #CaughtInTheAct somewhere in #SouthDakota sneaking a chocolate covered marshmallow. Nobody has ever looked so metal at a family restaurant.

This is how Rob Halford celebrates 50,000 followers on Instagram — he puts on a black, skin-tight body suit and flashes the horns. Somehow this has to do with #freedom, #liberty and #peace, but we’re not questioning the Metal God. He’s got one life and he’s gonna live it up.

Even gods have to wash their Mickey Mouse shirts. Rob’s choice of detergent? Sun! You can only find this stuff out via @RobHalfordLegacy! It’s also the only place you can see Rob’s “happy nipples” unless you catch him in your local grocery store.

More unicorns, Rob? This one’s got hearts for nostrils. Halford officially busted the myth on unicorns, but then again, Rob knew they existed all along. And if you’re counting, this makes five Instagram posts in a row where Halford is flashing the horns!

Happy belated birthday, Rob! When you’re this metal, you can celebrate with a cute kitten shirt, a fuzzy vest (with ears) and a blond wig all you want. Of course, you disciples will never reach that point.

Rob’s keeping the metal faith alive in one of his earliest posts! This post predated Halford’s ever-growing love for emojis, as the Metal God only used two of them here. Praise Priest!

Halsenberg! Looks like Rob caught the Breaking Bad bug just like the rest of us. We wonder if Bryan Cranston ever saw this post. Either way, Rob Halford would make a perfect chemistry teacher. He knows all the heaviest metals! m/ m/

Cowboy hat. Football jersey. Athletic shorts. Cowboy boots. This is how Halford rolls. Here’s another one where checking the hashtags is key. You’ll know when you find them…

The last reason to follow Rob on Instagram? He reads Loudwire just like you! He also wants the town of Portsmouth, N.H., to erect a statue of the legendary Ronnie James Dio. We can all get on board with that!

What are you waiting for? Follow @RobHalfordLegacy on Instagram!

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