This Black Friday, I'm not going ANYWHERE — except for Three Dog Bakery! I'm SO thankful for my pets that getting them a special little treat is actually a treat for me. It's also a great opportunity to stock up on gifts for my pets and my family (who love their pets as much as I do.)

Plus, Three Dog Bakery is having a HUGE Black Friday sale with markdowns of 50 to 75 percent on select items throughout the store, including glass/ceramic bowls, apparel, collars and toys. It's the perfect way to start my holiday shopping and carrying my loot will help burn off those turkey dinner calories.

If you're looking for a little turkey for your dog, you have to see the featured bakery treats at Three Dog Bakery this month! There's a drumstick, a fully-decorated turkey and several pies, all baked with dogs' health in mind. They have grain-free and wheat-free treats, plus they use unsweetened apple sauce and organic honey and steer away from sugar and salt.

They are beyond cute! Pets are family too, but we don't want them begging family for people food that's not good for them. Giving them their own special treat is the perfect way to include your pet, without encouraging bad behavior or exposing them to food they shouldn't be eating.

And last but not least, I want to tell you that Three Dog Bakery is honoring veterans on Nov. 11 by giving them 15 percent off all Three Dog Bakery products.

So, this month, it's just a short trip over the loop and through 98th Street to Three Dog Bakery we go! The dogs know the way and might sit (but won't stay) until you have their favorite snacks in tow.