Metal fans there is a festival that is smaller, and probably better, than any of the huge fests going on these days. The Ridglea MetalFest in Dallas ( actually its in Fort Worth) is 15 years strong. And Drowning Pool and Negative 263 are on the bill.

We all know the huge festivals draw huge bands. But many times those giant shows are impossible to enjoy because you can't get anywhere near the stage or sound, and your favorite bands might even be playing at the same time as each other on different stages across a huge area.

The Ridglea Metalfest started at the Ridglea Theater in Dallas (Fort Worth really), a classic theater that has become a Mecca for local music in the Metroplex. That history of supporting local music includes bands like Drowning Pool, Pantera, Damageplan, The Toadies, Adakain, and many more.

Check out the lineup for this year's fest going down August 11th. This is from my bud Mike Luce's Facebook Page. He's the drummer for Drowning Pool, who are from Dallas. Also our other buddy Sanchez is in Negative 263 and they're from Abilene, (he's the one who karate chopped Aaron Lewis backstage at a show here in Lubbock).

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