When it comes to sex, Texas is definitely on top. According to Men's Health, the Lonestar State has 4 cities in the top ten sex-happy cities in America.

Basically, Men's Health used condom sales, birth rates, sex toy sales, and rates of certain STDs to come up with a list of cities that like the nookie the most. Not only does Texas take the top spot with Austin, but the Lone Star State has 3 other cities on this list as well. No wonder we are one of the sluttiest states in America.

Check out the top ten list of cites that are the most sex-happy in America.

  1. Austin, Texas
  2. Dallas, Texas
  3. Columbus, Ohio
  4. Durham, North Carolina
  5. Denver, Colorado
  6. Indianapolis, Indiana
  7. Arlington, Texas
  8. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  9. Bakersfield, California
  10. Houston, Texas

If you want to see the complete list, head on over to Men's Health, which also includes the least sex-happy cities in America.

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