Skillet have a brand new video with a nod to their past. The group just teamed up with Roland Bingaman to shoot a zombie-themed clip for "Back From the Dead" that has ties to their classic 2009 clip for "Monster."

Setting the tone right off the bat, a message reads, "It's been 8 years since John and Korey escaped from M.N.S.T.R. labs where they were being experimented upon for their resistance to a disease that killed millions." We see John Cooper waking from a nightmare, with he and Korey Cooper scavenging around an abandoned warehouse as they are seemingly on their own attempting to save themselves from the surroundings. But it's not long before one slip puts a heard of zombies on their trail, all while the police are closing in on the escapees.

John Cooper told Nerdist, who premiered the video, "The concept came sort of naturally because of the 'Back From the Dead' zombie lyrics in the song. I thought it’d be cool to do something with zombies. I also wanted to do something light hearted and fun, where the band members could play characters. I originally wanted the band members to all double as zombies as well but didn’t have the time." The singer says he's a fan of zombie films and TV, citing 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead as his more modern favorites.

"Back From the Dead" is featured on Skillet's Unleashed album, which is out now. You can find the band, in non-zombie form, trolling stages across the country on their current headline tour, which wraps March 24 in Little Rock, Ark. The band will also play a number of festivals this spring and have signed on to perform on select dates for the Korn and Stone Sour summer trek. See all of their scheduled tour dates here.

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