It’s kind of crazy to think what might’ve happened had Slipknot never made their breakthrough to the rest of the larger world at the turn of the century. Seemingly out of nowhere, the world was taken hostage by the nine masked men, and whether people were skeptical or immediately on board, the band did everything in their power to make sure the world knew what was up. And they did.

Arriving at the tail end of nu-metal (and hating that label every step of the way), the band’s career saw them evolving through many different stages, each member incorporating their own tastes and style to add to the band’s veritable sonic thunderstorm that spanned a multitude of genres. It gave way for the band to break out on their own, with metal soon recognizing Corey Taylor’s singing-yelling dichotomy, former drummer Joey Jordison’s intense, varied take on drums and the general thrill of seeing a live band have a wide range of percussion at their disposal.

With all that said, we took a look at the band’s discography, ranking them from weakest to strongest in the gallery above!

Corey Taylor - Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? (Part 1)

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