Those of you who have been fans of Star Comics know this is not an ordinary move.

Star Comics
Star Comics

Star Comics has been a hangout and supplier of comics for as long as I can remember. I got my first Ozzy Osbourne action figure there and kept on collecting. First, it was more action figures (I loved the Spawn Movie Maniacs and horror figures) then I started picking up some good reads. I had heard of The Watchmen, but picking it up at Star blew my mind. A lot of people have that kind of love for the store and have stuck with them through thick and thin.

It's going to be tough not seeing that iconic painted glass in front of their store, but bigger and better is the order of the day. I'm just glad they're still around. They are certainly an iconic Lubbock business, the kind people will talk about when they're old.

The new location is just up the street at 3504 34th and is now open for business.  Same guys, same cool stuff, just more room and a new location.

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