By the looks of it, Lubbock Con was a great success. So was the Anime Con and the Hub City Comic Con. These are all good things and we need all of them.

I was standing by our booth Saturday at the Lubbock Con when a super overly excited young lady came up to us and started jabbering a million miles an hour. It was apparent in seconds that she had "found her people" and she just couldn't contain herself. You could tell in an instant that at any other place she would have been socially awkward and may not even have engaged with other folks. All it took for her to come out of her shell was a little cosplay and seeing that there are people just like her in the world. This to me was the true nature of these "Cons". It wasn't just to sell stuff or to play games, it was to connect people to other people and the things they love.

For this small moment and this bit of clarity, I would like to thank the crew at Star Comics and everyone involved with this and the other events. You're creating a wonderful place for some truly wonderful people.

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