Man Loves Horses, Enough To Go To Jail [AUDIO]
You know what they say, "once you go horse you never....uhh, uhh".  That's right, "they" don't say anything about people who love horses.  By "love" I don't mean respect and cherish either.  I tend to mean more of th…
How NOT To Hunt Squirrels [AUDIO]
Squirrel hunting seems a little pointless and cruel to me.  Then again, I realize they can be a "pest" problem and actually cause you some problems.  I guess there's a difference between protecting your property and randomly blasting forest critters in my mind. …
Karate Cat Versus the Cat Of Cobra Kai! [VIDEO]
Yeah, I check Japanese YouTube all the time.  Nine times out of ten you're not going to even understand what the hell is going on, and that tenth time you pick up a gem.  This is a very short, like :15 second video of a cat fight about to happen.  Check out more after the jump.
Sometimes It’s Hard To Be A Panda [VIDEO]
So you're just lying there enjoying being a Panda.  People feed you, you just hang out and they occasionally want you to do it with another panda (which ain't so bad if you're a panda), then some other assh@le panda has to come up and ruin your whole day.  More after the jum…
Crash Test Kitties [VIDEO]
Yeah we like beer and boobies and slasher movies, but we also like warm fuzzy hugs and cute kittens. Check 'em while we wreck 'em after the jump.
Funniest Cat Video Ever
Okay, this one seriously had us gasping for air (and we've seen some stuff man).  Check out the cats after the jump.