Should a One-Year Old Get Their Ears Pierced? [Poll]
As my fiancee Danielle and I made our rounds around Lubbock this weekend, we saw an interesting argument unfolding: a mother was arguing with a grandmother about taking her daughter to get her ears pierced. We didn't stop to listen to the entire discussion, but it got us talking because this baby was probably under a year old and was in a baby carrier.
What Some People Will Do To Have A Baby [AUDIO]
I don't understand the great lengths some people go through to have their "own" baby.  Hell, there's tons of babies around that'll gladly join your freaky little family.   Read more after the break.
The Pregnant Robot Study Aid [VIDEO]
I guess I should warn you that this video includes a robot giving birth to a crying robot baby. Whether that is something you need to be warned about or not I have no idea.

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