big purple party

200+ Purple People Photos
The Big Purple Party is more than a killer rock show. It's a place to have fun, hang out with friends and just get purple! Here are more than 200 photos of the most purple-painted people we saw.
In This Moment at the FMX Big Purple Party [Pictures]
Lubbock loves In This Moment. This band has grown from small clubs to the big stage in no time and they just keep upping their game. Initially, all the theatrics were a bit odd to audiences, but people have started accepting the band's vision.
Papa Roach Rocks Lubbock
Papa Roach put on one hell of a show, with a no-holds-barred prowess that had Lubbock jumping, screaming and loving every second of their performance.
Full Big Purple Party Coverage
Sons of Texas has just made it onto the scene, but that doesn't mean they don't kick ass. And that's just what they did Tuesday at the Big Purple Party.
What If It Rains At The FMX Purple Party?
What If It Rains At The FMX Purple Party? The short answer is, you'll get wet. The long answer is ,the roadies, the techs, the bands and everyone will make the best of it. Yet, something pretty awesome is happening. For the first time in what seems like forever, we have NO chance of rain in the…

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