Dirt City Showdown
The very first Dirt City Showdown Car & Bike Show presented by T.E.S. Performance was a success! Congrats to Bob Brandt who won Best in Show with his 1970 Dodge Challenger and scored $500 to go along with his 5-foot Dirt City Showdown trophy!
The 2014 Corvette Stingray [VIDEO]
I am not a big car guy.  I do, however appreciate the classic body styles of the past. I love the old Mustangs, the ancient Ford stepside trucks, the cars of the 'gangster era', the classic "muscle cars".  Above and beyond all of the "classic" body styles was the mid 70's body st…
Lubbock, For The Love Of God, Would You Please Learn To Drive?
I have to stress that I am NOT overly emotional at this time.  I just ran a  couple of errands and was amazed at the things I saw.  More after the jump.
The wife and I went in search of a humidifier so basically the route was Target (fail on the humidifier), Sears (win) and up Marsha Sharp past the  …