Cartoons And Cereal: Life Is Good
Do you remember how awesome weekends were when you were a kid? Possibly my favorite memory of my childhood was waking up early and making myself breakfast (usually a mixing bowl filled with my favorite cereal and a half gallon of milk) then parking myself in front of the TV to watch cartoons all mo…
Bambi Meets Godzilla [VIDEO]
Aw you young punks with your internets and your frozen yogurts! You haven't advanced as far as you think and in fact, you missed some pretty great things. One of those things was getting all jacked up on something and going to "the Midnight Movies". More after the jump.
Sweet: Napoleon Dynamite is Back This Sunday [VIDEO]
Napoleon Dynamite may be one of the greatest movies ever. Just think of the characters and the quotability. The movie is part of growing up for some people, and now it's back. The entire cast from the movie (even "Rex" from "Rex-Kwon-Do") are back for the ani…

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