RockShow Threesome: Dog Calls 911 For Himself [AUDIO]
Okay, the dog actually called "999" but in England that is the equivalent of 911.  So what does a British dog say when he actually gets and answer, find out about this, a couple of strangely named Okies and a new definition of "eat and run" next.
Hey, There’s A 300 Pound Naked Man In Wal-Mart [AUDIO]
Great headline huh?  Although I'm sure some of you have seen equally weird stuff in Wallyworld.  The problem always is, how do you deal with a large naked guy?  You certainly don't want to tackle him.  Maybe that's what he planned all along, he just figured, &q…
Do Not Pee Inside A Powerstation [AUDIO]
The man in today's story is obviously a junkie, so he's not making the best "life" choices to begin with.  His second bad choice, besides the heroin, was peeing on some electrical equipment.  More after the jump.

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