Birthday Cake Donuts are a Thing! [Video]
As most of you know by now, we here at KISS are lovers of all things food. So when Renee Raven got hungry after a break we hit the vending the machine. That is when we saw it! Birthday Cake Donuts! And here is what happened!
Donut Etiquette 101
Since my move from nights to mornings here at Lubbock's Rock Station, there hasn't been much of a change except there is usually food here in the mornings. Yesterday there was a box of donuts brought in and I feel like I need to go over a basic rule.
Apple Fritters-Technically A Donut, But More Accurately “Manna”.
Manna, for those of you who don't know, is "the food of the gods".  Yes, the stuff of which gods munch on. It's the thing they use before they shoot lightning bolts out of their ass cracks and send vultures to pick the bones of mere mortals.  What could be a better food for Zeus than sugar, flour and apples all fried to sh@t and served up glazed with more sugar?  More after the jump. Rea