Texas Run Brings Saliva Back To The Hub City
The real boys from the south return to Lubbock on the 15th of October for a Wednesday night rock show at Back Stage. The Lubbock show will kickoff a short string of Texas dates that takes the band from West Texas down to San Antonio for the big Fall Ball.
Our sincere thanks to you
Yeah, it's been 32 years. In those 32 years we've stepped up to the plate 64 times. In those 64 times we've never been beaten or truly challenged by any other rock format. I wanted to take this brief moment to thank you for your support.  More after the jump.
Listen To FMX On The Phone-We Have An App For That
You can get FMX and about 220 other radio stations for free on Radiopup. You can stream FMX anywhere you go with this handy dandy little ap. If you're rockin' an IPhone or Android you can add all these radio stations to your phone for free. More after the jump.
FMX Is The Number One Station For Tofu Eating Zombies
Have you heard the word?  FMX is the premiere radio station amongst zombies who eat tofu (as opposed to brains).  It's true, more zombies that like tofu rock with FMX than any other station.  We're also number one in the big "winged pig" demographic.  …
Thank You: FMX Is Number One Again!
Our record is 60-0. Not bad for a little rock station in Lubbock, Texas. Thanks to the good people of the Hub and South Plains, KFMX has never been beaten by any radio station playing rock or anything close to rock. To paraphrase the movie "Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead&am…

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