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Ultimate Album Collection #7: Pearl Jam “10” [VIDEOS]
Pearl Jam meant a lot more to me than Nirvana. I like Nirvana's stuff, but I just wasn't angry enough at the time to bond with Kurt. Pearl Jam provided a better bridge between the traditional rock at the time and grunge. Pearl Jam "10" brought us some of the most memorabl…
The Real Five: three days grace
The cool thing about "The Real Five" is it is indisputable. It's the top five most played tracks.  In the instance of today's artist, it proved me completely wrong.  Get "The Real Five" from Three Days Grace after the jump.
One short night after an epic Lubbock concert, the video has dropped for the new Volbeat song.  The track is "Cape Of Our Hero".  It another very inspiring clip from a a great band.  Check it out after the jump.
Korn Live: The Encounter [VIDEO]
It's been too long since I've seen Korn live. I NEED to see this band live every 9-12 months to recharge my batteries. For some reason this video of their full concert in a wheat field started showing up in my trends on my YouTube page and I could not be happier. More after the jump.
Lubbock In halestorm video
Yes that is Lubbock, Texas, and the Ampitheater in the new Halestorm video. In fact, I fell and laid near paralyzed from the pallet in front of those electrical boxes in the still picture.  You'll also see on stage shots where you can see the easily identifiable back of the metal Amp stage…
Check Out This Hilarious Promo For The Golden Gods Awards [VIDEO]
This is MUCH better than it should be. It's host Chris Jericho taking questions from a field of reporters who are actually some of the performers at this years Golden Gods awards. Lzzy from Halestorm is there, so are Maria Brink, Five Finger Death Punch and Anthrax. It's an over the top ca…
fmx big purple party
Wow, this is a lot to take in and a true festival and celebration of rock.  When the real festivals took off it was all about people being exposed to all different types of music.  This festival covers everything from Metal to Grunge to Classic and more. This is a chance to enjoy a lot for…

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