The Internet Exploded When Wes Nessman Was Banned on Facebook
It's plain to see that Wes Nessman is a pretty big deal here in Lubbock. Not only does he have thousands of radio fans, but he also has lots of very close and supportive friends that were pretty pissed to hear that he was banned on Facebook for a short period of time for "hate speech..…
Rooster Vs. Wes: Boy Meets Man [VIDEO] NSFW
Sometimes, it's a better idea to let a old sleeping dog lie. A couple of days ago Rooster laid down the gauntlet on "Big Poppy Wes" talking smack about who would take down who in a head-to-head arm wrestling battle bonanza of epic proportions!
My 20th Anniversary at FMX
It's hard to believe that it's been 20 years since I first stepped in the studio on July 3, 1993, and played Judas Priest "Green Manalishi" to began my stay here in the Hub City, but here we are today, with many shows seen and many people met.
FMX Jocks Custom Ice Creams
One thing I seem to crave every night around 3:40 is ice cream. Most of the time I can just drink some milk and the craving foes away, unless we don't actually have ice cream at the house. Go figure.
Listen To FMX On The Phone-We Have An App For That
You can get FMX and about 220 other radio stations for free on Radiopup. You can stream FMX anywhere you go with this handy dandy little ap. If you're rockin' an IPhone or Android you can add all these radio stations to your phone for free. More after the jump.
FMX Monday Night Football Returns To Hooters
Monday nights, FMX and Hooters have it going on for football, beer and the wings. We have gone old school and busted out the classic FMX finger goal kicking contest and Hooters does the Monday night blitz, offering up all-you-can-eat nearly boneless world famous wings, and ice cold beers served up b…

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