Meet Tom Botello
Tom Botello has owned Brother John's Bookstore for nine years. After purchasing the store their ministry focused on being a resource to fellow Christian Catholics. Prior to owning the store Tom was very active in his Parrish.  Although John's Bookstore is a Catholic Bookstore that caters to the spir…
Brother John's Services
Brother John's Catholic Books & Gifts is able to provide:

Explanations of different Bible versions
Tips on meditation information for Christian/Catholic seasons of the year
Laser engraving designs to mark special occasions

Brother John's Catholic Books & Gifts can also p…
Moviegoing FAQs
Have some questions for the people at Priemere Cinemas?  Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:
Can we eat and drink in the theatre?
Yes! If you order food or beverage you will be issued a pager which will go off when the waiter is delivering to the ausitorium door...
Moviegoing Experience
Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Your Movie Going Experience:
Become a Premiere Insider at pccmovies.com.
Show up 30 minutes prior to movie showings by using the kiosk at either entrance of Premiere Cinemas.
Tickets can also be purchased at concession stand, so you dont have to wait in line any longe…
Priemere Cinemas
"Premiere Cinemas is Lubbock's Ticket to the Stars!"

Founded: October 26, 2012
General Manager: Rudy
Hi, my name is Rudy and I am the GM at Premiere Cinemas!  I have been in the theatre industry in Lubbock for the past 15 years. Premiere Cinemas is by far the most unique and…
With G. Boren

Looking for employees?
G. Boren offers a variety of Temporary Services in your search for employees:

Pre-screening of all candidates.
Temp-to-Career option
Anonymity during the pre-placement process
Placements for single shifts or long term
Secretarial/Clerical/Office automation testing
Placement of 1 to 1…
Why They’re Unique
“The Doctors of Sleep!”
Hearing Jay and Mary tell it, “Mattress King is family.” It’s been this way for over 25 years. The family-style environment keeps team members returning to this special workplace year after year. Captain o…
Juro’s Products and Services
Juro’s Home Medical is dedicated to helping our community grow for over 50 years. They take pride in giving through volunteering, wellness information, health seminars, and through supporting organizations with donations of equipment, supplies, and monetary gifts...
Juro’s Pharmacy Quick Facts
"Your health, your independence, your life."

Juro’s Medical is a privately-owned corporation dedicated to providing quality services with pharmacy and home medical equipment and supplies for over 50 years. As a Joint Commission accredited organization, Juro's specializes in the sale and ser…

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