Lubbock Traffic Lights Could Use a Tune-up
Luckily, I normally don't have to deal with too many lights, but some of these are really dumb.
I'll be honest: I have no idea how Lubbock traffic lights work. It appears that they are timed based on moderate traffic. If there are any sensors that let them know someone is at a light, t…
You Could Be Serving Your Country Now
We got to get America back to being loud and proud.
Right now, our biggest threat isn't politics, it's the coronavirus that keeps hanging on. We've got to get everyone healthy and out from under all of the stress and anxiety they've been experiencing...
The Internet Exploded When Wes Nessman Was Banned on Facebook
It's plain to see that Wes Nessman is a pretty big deal here in Lubbock. Not only does he have thousands of radio fans, but he also has lots of very close and supportive friends that were pretty pissed to hear that he was banned on Facebook for a short period of time for "hate speech..…

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