Check Out The Trailer For “The Conjuring” [VIDEO]
I love the lady in this film. Her name is Vera Farmiga and she plays Norman Bates mother in the t.v. series "Bates Motel". There is just an underlying creepiness that this lady brings to each of her roles. She obviously has a good agent too, she has six movies coming out. If you get a chance, catch up with "Bates Motel" on demand. It's a pretty good show and they're doing a gre
Nessman’s Favorite Nightmares #1: “The Evil Dead” Series [VIDEO]
I've got ongoing blogs about "Must See Comedies" and "The Ultimate Album Collection" .  It then occurred to me that I'm not writing about my favorite topic of all, horror films.  I've reviewed a couple of horror films, but I'd like to give you a heads up on my favorite ones of all time.  In this particular case, it makes more sense to write about the entire series of films then
Check Out The Trailer For “Carrie” Here [VIDEO]
I'm done. I'm going. I'm there.  I'm all in for this new version of "Carrie".  Yes, it is a remake, but the first one, despite having a great acting in it, had really lame special effects.  This is the perfect movie for a remake and stars the perfect young actress.  More after the jump.
What A Real “Evil Dead” Fan Thinks Of The New “Evil Dead” [+VIDEO]
You have to remember that when the first "Evil Dead" movie came out, people really thought that seeing it would warp your mind forever.  It was actually thought to be that scary.   "Evil Dead 2" was actually kind of a remake of 1, but with more comedic undertones.  "Evil Dead 3" is better known as "Army Of Darkness" and almost goes exclusively for dark laugh
Horror On The Horizon With “You’re Next” [VIDEO]
It's very hard to believe that there are even other horror films out there other than "The Evil Dead". Fortunately us horror fans are a hungry bunch and it's about to be suppertime. I'm not going to spoil anything for you, but this trailer BARELY tells you the story of this film. More after the jump.
Preview True Blood Season Six Now [VIDEO]
Who else is ready to see sweet Sookie Stackhouse do some more fang-banging?  Yeah, I went there.  She's also a little werewolf friendly too.  Rumor is she may also get a new fairy boyfriend this year.  Wow, it's kind of a supernatural sleep around now isn't it? More after the jump.
The “Evil Dead” Are Almost Here [VIDEO]
Some of you don't even understand about the cult of "The Evil Dead".  There are some of us who have seen the first three films over and over and over.  Rather than being put off by this new version, we realize that this is a necessary evolution for the series.  It looks bloody and scary as hell!  More after the jump.
Nightmare On 19th Street Building Update
Yes, Lubbock's only Halloween theme park is indeed building for the Halloween '13 season.  As a matter of fact, we started construction the weekend after Halloween and since we build during Halloween, we technically never stop building. We've got some cool stuff coming for you, more after the jump.
The Last Exorcism Part 2 Opens This Weekend [VIDEO]
Holy snikeys this trailer has me hooked!  I am so ready for "The Last Exorcisim Part 2". So how can you have a last, 'last exorcism"?  Well hold onto your britches and I'll explain.  Also, you don't have to have seen 1 to see 2, it's kind of a whole different thing.  More after the jump.
Check Out The “Lords Of Salem” Trailer Here [VIDEO]
I have to be honest, the first trailer for this movie didn't do it for me.  It looked like more of the same.  I was a little afraid that Rob Zombie had played out his ideas for films.  This trailer has definitely revived my interest in the project.  More after the jump.

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