Otherwise To Play Jake's In July
"I Don't Apologize" is still one of my favorite songs from the last decade. The boys from Otherwise will be returning in July to bring you a full night of rock.
Adrian Patrick Of Otherwise Is A Stand Up Man
Hey Everyone.. Here’s a message from AP regarding our cancellations. White Light & Rock N Roll…
Posted by OTHERWISE on Monday, July 20, 2015
We all have battled demons in our lifetime and most of us rarely like to bring them to the table for the world to see. Adrian P…
How an Adele Song Helped Otherwise Become a Band
Our bros in Otherwise took some to visit the FMX studio before their show in Lubbock Sunday night (Feb. 22). While they were here looking through some of the songs that we had, they were pretty surprised to see a song that helped them come together as a band.
Otherwise Releases Video For Latest Single
You may've seen these guys rock the Room of Doom the other night last week with Crobot. If you did, you heard their latest "Darker Side of the Moon" and you know it rocks. The new single has a brand new video you can see here.

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